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I'm a french game developer, mostly focused on gameplay programming when it comes to my professional experience and jack-of-all-trades when I'm experimenting on my own games!

I'm always working on a project, either a personnal or professional one, improving my skills especially when I'm working on my personnal projects as I do them alone, and so I go with the programming, art, game/level design, etc... I aim to provide polished and great experiences to the players!


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My games on Itch.io
Ludum Dare #40
A Toast's Life
Game Prototype
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Minecraft mod
Minecraft mod
Minecraft mod
Origami Challenge
Mobile game


I'm working on Hytale! Go have a look at the trailer by clicking the icon of the game just above!

Gameplay Programmer

Hypixel Since 05/2018

Unity Gameplay Programmer

Forgotten Key 08/2017-02/2018

Joining the team after the launch of AER, I have been working on a new unannounced project right from the start. With this team I made a high-end quality slice which took 5 months to complete.

After that I participated at the rework of the systems to restart from a clean base. During the same time, I also developed 'BMO', a Slack bot which was in charge of assigning people every sprint for a peer-review system, notifying the correct person when a pull request was done, when comments were left as well, and checking every morning if some pull requests were pending.

I was working in a team of 4, and in charge of the gameplay part of the games with another programmer. I participated from the early stage of the games, from the conception to the release of the game, with various phases of prototyping.

With the knowledge I acquired through making/playing games, listening to talks and reading books, I tried as most as I could to evaluate the games we were doing, figuring out what has been done right or wrong in order to improve the experiences we created.

Unity Gameplay Programmer

Voodoo.io 01/2017-06/2017

Game Developer

Epicube.fr 06/2015-12/2016

Epicube is a Minecraft mini-games server, considered as the top one amongst the french ones. While working here I've especially done games, 3 (cf "Portfolio"), all available for anyone on the server.

I've also maintained games made from other developers who left, to keep the games updated, and I also created some content for the players, like cosmetics. I was also close to the community and had many feedbacks about the games, and took that into account to change the gameplay and to better the experience.

During this internship, I had the oppportunity to work on "Origami Challenge" from its early stage until its release, a mobile game produced by 505 Games. This game has been written in C++, using the game engine Marmalade.

For this game, I also developed a web application in Python to allow some features, that I deployed on the AWS and GAE.

Gameplay Developer

Polm Studio 03/2014-07/2014


Epitech 2011-2016

During my studies, I developed many projects (like a RayTracer in C, a Skype-like in C++, etc...) that helped me to improve my skills. Some school projects related to games are featured in my portfolio.


EPITECH 2011-2016

information technology

At Epitech I learned a lot, and thus by doing so many projects, alone as well as with a team. I learned how to code, but also improve many skills like how to work in a team, being autonomous, how to solve the problems I can encounter and much more!

I was also in charge of my team for our project of end of studies which lasted 2 years, which included many responsibilities, such as managing the group, making sure the project was moving forward, reporting the progress to the school regularly and more.

I spent two semesters abroad at the RMIT, in Australia, and that was a wonderful experience. I had the chance to have courses such as "Games and AI Techniques" where I learned some IA principles and applied them in a game made with Unity.

RMIT 2014-2015

information technology

College 2008-2011


Before studying what I trully love, I had a degree in a hospitality college. That's where I first learned how to work in a team, and also how to communicate with your teammates to work efficiently and in a nice atmosphere.